I added some new sections to the Old Bone Odori on page 4 as there is a lot going on in dinosaur skeleton sculpting these days.  I also update the Odori's links on page 5.

In late April 2010, my Ants Allosaurus skeleton experienced some "issues" and it led me to do some websurfing to see if anyone else had anything to say about that model.  I found some really interesting websites and decided it was time to update my links.   I have recently been adding a lot of new material to my collection of skeletal models and decided it was time to devote an entire page to that longstanding interest.  It turned into a lot more than a page.  On my new section, THE OLD BONE ODORI, I have added loads of new images of things in my collection as well as a lot of other interesting stuff!  Please take a tour, beginning HERE!



There are a lot of great sites about Dinosaurs on the Web.  The Internet has opened a lot of doors into the past for me, and now I hope to open a few for you.  I have been interested in Dinosaurs since early childhood.   I enjoy talking about them and sharing my interest with anyone who is willing to listen, but face it: first and foremost,  you are here for pictures.  If those interest you, I hope you will want to stick around and read what I have to say.  I plan to show pictures of my Dinosauria collection, then give some commentary about topics of interest (to me).  My name is Frank Galef and further down this page I will tell you a little more about me and my why I maintain such an ongoing interest in Dinosaurs.  At the end I will tell you about some links to other excellent Dinosaur and Paleontology websites.  Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit!

 This is the skull and neck of the Glencoe Tyrannosaurus skeleton. It was modified extensively and colored to resemble a real fossil.  All of the foraminae in the skull were opened and a palate was added.  To see the rest of the skeleton, check out my Tyrannosaur page, as well as THE OLD BONE ODORI
The Deinonychus skull in the title above is a plaque that I carved from an oak bookshelf.  I did this several years ago, before there were abundant and readily affordable skulls that are now available from a variety of sources.  (see the links page)

Wiccart's Styracosaurus Skull
More on this and other Wiccart kits at THE OLD BONE ODORI


As you page through my website, you will find a series of essays.  I certainly won't even try to present anything like a comprehensive review of Dinosaurs.  I will discuss a variety of subjects related to Dinosaurs that happen to interest me.

Popular media often presents the question, "Why the modern fascination with Dinosaurs?"  Obviously they appeal to a lot of people for a variety of different reasons.  The most common reason I see is that they are the closest thing to real dragons that have ever lived.  It seems incredible that any creatures so large and powerful could have walked the same Earth that we occupy today.  For most of recorded history humans have viewed our world as having been placed here for our benefit and use.  We are finally beginning to understand that this planet has been home to millions of other species over hundreds of millions of years.  Each of them evolved to take the maximum possible advantage of the ecological niche available to it.  Dinosaurs dominated this terrestrial frame more successfully and longer than any other group of animals since the first vertebrates crawled onto the land.  How did they do it?  The basic theme that runs through all of my writing is that they were not dragons or other fantastical monsters.  They had to accomplish their domination under the same rules of physiology and evolution common to all organisms.  A lot of what passes for  Dinosaur Science in the popular press today ignores this basic truth, which seems to occur out of enthusiasm for such an exciting subject rather than any deliberate attempt to mislead.  In my education  in both Zoology and Medicine I have learned a lot about anatomy and physiology as they apply to a functional organism.  Personally, I find it  exciting to figure out how Dinosaurs became such amazing animals and how they solved the problems of survival with what is basically the same protoplasm that Life on Earth has used for more than a billion years and is still using today.  This is really a lot more interesting than just thinking of them as figments of our imagination.  If you want fantasy, go dream about dragons.

In this website there are several pages, with more to come as I  photograph and build more models and commit more thoughts to my word processor.


For more on Tyrannosaurs, see  T-rex: A Call For Arms .
I have something to say about raptors, my favorite wild bunch, at Raptor Revisionism
For an Apatasaurus skeleton, some ruminations on sauropod physiology, and shots of some kits in my collection,
see Mesozoic Meandering .
To view my collection of Dinosaur teeth and some opinions about current trends in  scientifically accurate
dinosaur portrayal, see Art and Artifice .
I discuss my ultimate May-December love affair and list some links at My Dinosaur Tale .

I still think about  the way we torture paleo-political correctness to call birds dinosaurs.  Someday I may get around to writing down my thoughts on this subject...

First appearing on the Internet October 12,1998





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