All good things must end.  Sadly, Macho is no longer sharing our life.  He made it to twelve years firing on all cylinders, but then began having problems with what what looked like a stiff neck.  Later, the stiffness went away but then he began to lose control of his legs.  While we hoped it was just a bad disc, there were many features of his condition that suggested it was not something that could be easily treated.  Luckily, he really had no pain after his condition bagan, but he became less and less able to do the things he loved.  His doctors suggested strict rest, but he could never tolerate a cage and even being confined to one room was devastating to his spirit.  His appetite never waned, nor did his ability to respond to our love and affection.  After several trips to the veterinarian, it became increasingly apprent that even his indomitable spirit was not going to overcome his problem and we sadly decided that it was his time to die while he was alive, rather than making him live when he was dead.   He sat on Janis's  lap to enjoy a final  lunch  of Greek chicken with pitas and tzatziki along with a few of his favorite biscuits.  Then we went back to the vet where he was given an infusion of a powerful sedative and the dog in my heart faded in my arms.  We kissed him and said goodbye.  It was strange how suddenly old he looked.  The house is very empty now and we are reminded by so many things of his presence and so acutely feel his absence.  Macho was a blazing star who raced across our heavens and burned out far too soon.  Twelve years sure goes by in a hurry. 

By the way, Macho wasn't the only thing we ever called him.  Besides "Baby", he was also "Poca Fa" (short for "Una Voce Poca Fa"), "Snooto del Lupo", "Snooto" or simply "The Snoot".   Of course, there were also times when he was also "Scum" and occasionally "Rodent Scum".  It didn't really matter what we called him, he knew we were talking to him.

MACHO   2/10/96 - 8/9/2008

 This is the page of Macho the Chihuahua.  Macho is not your grandmother's chihuahua.  He is what is known as a "pet quality" chihuahua, and what a quality pet he is!  The Big M came into our lives in May 1996 when he was twelve weeks old and four and a quarter pounds.  He was a purebred but not registerable, probably because his breeder suspected that he would not conform to the required standard of six pounds or less.  That was fine with us as Frank and Jeff wanted a playmate that wouldn't be overly fragile.  At first, Janis put pillows all over the floor to keep him from hurting his delicate legs when he jumped off the couch.  He immediately climbed up to the back of the couch and sailed off and the only thing that got hurt was Janis's longevity.  Later that week we took him for his first vet visit and after eyeballing him, the doctor predicted he would end up around ten pounds. When he went back two weeks later another doctor saw him and guessed fifteen!  Macho ended up at sixteen pounds, although he could stand to lose around eight ounces.  We only buy him toys for aggressive chewers and he usually desqueaks them in less than a day and rips the seams out in a week.  We believe that he is appropriately named.

Macho and Taz:  Convergent Evolution?

Macho loves to play.  His favorite game is "Chase Me".  He usually finds a toy and dares us to catch him and take it away.  He is incredibly fast and corners like a Ferrari.  The only problem is that his rule is that Macho always wins.  The penalty for having the temerity to catch him is a good hard bite.  If we don't want to play, he will encourage us by finding a sock or something else he is not supposed to have and dangling that just out of reach.  One evening he came in through the dog door with a  big green smile, a mature tomato worm.  He thoroughly enjoyed the chase that provoked.  He also loves to shred napkins.  He sneaks up on the table to steal them and if we go out to eat, he carefully inspects Janis's purse when we get back.  If he finds a napkin he pulls it out, methodically rips to shreds, and nonchalantly saunters away.


Every evening, unless it is pouring rain, Macho joins us on a 2 1/2 mile walk around the block.  All of the other dogs on the street want a piece of him and he enjoys snarling at them to whip them into a frenzy.  He often meets a Golden Retriever and loves to chase him while his owner laughs and says, "Look out, Macho is gonna kick your butt!"  There is only one dog on the street that Macho truly crosses the street to avoid.  Our neighbor has a Great Dane that would love to carry Macho around by his ruff.  This does concern Macho as he really doesn't think any dog should have a head larger than all of him.




            Trim my nails??  With what army?

When Macho first joined us, he found that there was already a dog in the house.  This was Claymore the Fox Terrier.  Clay was getting rather old and Macho quickly set about being sure that he was not only the new dog, he was the top dog.


  Excuse me, that's my pig ear... 




                                                                    Claymore Winston-Thatcher 1983-1998

(Clay was a shelter adoptee.  We would not have chosen such a flowery name.  For the most part he was called Moogie)

Babooshka?  Do I look Russian to you???


On August 13, 2000 a Chihuahua fashion show, called Dressed to the Canines was held in Pasadena.  The event was started by  Mary Beth Crain,  author of A Widow, a Chihuahua and Harry Truman.  It included an open invitation to any Chihuahua willing to come in costume.  Macho was ambivalent about wearing anything not associated with taking a walk, but we told him it was for the good of the breed.  After an afternoon of shopping, cutting and sewing, he was ready for the runway, or at least the top of the piano.  There was a sizable crowd, and to our delight (and surprise), Macho got along famously with all of the other Chihuahuas; no fighting and no biting!  He was definitely the largest Chihuahua anyone there had seen, and some of them had always thought that their whopper was the record-holder until Macho's shadow crossed their path.  By the way, he won.  Well there were several prizes, but he won one of them.

Hey, guys wear grass skirts too!


Macho is the very first passenger in Jeff's new car.
Note the large windows for barking at pedestrian dogs.







                                            ONE-EARRED REINDEER                                                           STOCKING STUFFER


I don't know if this is Macho's most favorite time of the year or not.  He definitely enjoys barking at trick-or-treaters and sniffing the children and their bags of candy.  He is still not happy about wearing a costume.  It is definitely interesting to see how the tapetum (the reflective layer in the retina) shows up depending on the angle of the flash.  He really didn't like the idea of being a blonde, but it gave him an excellent opportunity to display the results of all the time we spend brushing his teeth every night!  It certainly makes him appear appropriately Halloweenly.


Ol' Greeneyes

Takin' the Redeye



Macho was, of course, a dog and therefore descended from wolves.   He was always happy to eat meat, even though his main source of nutrition was always dog cookies.  We usually looked for something that helped keep his teeth clean and always tried to find the largest nuggets possible in order to encourage him to chew rather than simply inhale his dinner.  When we asked for the largest sized dog food pieces at the petfood store, the clerks were always amazed to hear that we wanted them for a chihuahua.  Macho's favorite food though, was vegetables.  His typical staple mix-in for his nuggets was broccoli, but he delighted in green beans, and ate artichokes like a human, scraping the tender flesh at the base of the leaves between his nippers.  He adored tomatoes and once we discovered that fact, we never had to throw out a scrap of tomato skin or even a stem.  His absolute favorite gourmet treat was asparagus.  Again, there were never any wasted stems in our house when he was around.  Of course, we figured that the biggest attraction for him was how it helped him make his mark in the neighborhood.  We will miss him.







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Macho has a new guestbook and he'll move the entries from his old one over when he's done sleeping, sniffing and scratching.  He'll also chew up and discard any that he doesn't think belong in the guestbook of a well behaved Chihuahua!


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