Welcome to my websites.  Here you will find nothing for sale.  This is a list of links to websites featuring some of my interests.

The Galef Oceanside Asylum tells a little about us and our furry and finny friends.  It features many of the pumpkins I have carved for Halloween.

Where the Dinosaurs Are highlights my interest in the beasts of the Mesozoic and includes the Old Bone Odori, a paean to my fascination with old bones.

Among My Trilobites displays my collection of bugs that goes even further back to the Paleozoic where trilobites abounded.

Follow the Penguins features some former rooms in my office where sphencisciforms once frolicked.

Besame Macho is the webpage of one of the biggest and baddest (in a good way) Chihuahuas I have ever known.

Style Elements of the California Missions shows some of the interesting features and designs of the twenty-one California Missions.